Mares Razor Pro

Mares Razor Pro


My first pair of longfins came as the Mares Razor Pro spearfishing fins in camouflage green. Not exactly my first choice, to be honest (what could I possibly match with camouflage green?) but as a woman in a spearfishing store in Hawaii, I had very little to chose between.

In fact, the store didn’t even carry fins in my size, but they were they smallest ones in stock and close enough: with a pair of thick, blue neoprene fin socks, I no longer had to worry about losing them in the water (nor having to ever make any effort of trying to color-coordinate, for that was now definitely out of the question).

Mares Razor Pro Longfins Preparing for descent in Banderas Reef, Cancun, Mexico.

But let’s not let our vanity get in the way of functionality here. Having heard all about what a difference they make in the water from K who already owned his own pair, I had set out to purchase my own pair to keep up with him and settled with the only pair that fit my dainty female feet.

Mares Razor Pro Longfins Examining the reef at Kaloko-Honokōhau, Hawai'i.

The things I heard were true: I was definitely impressed. My first dive with the new Mares Razor Pro couldn’t have been a better way to break them (and myself) in: freediving with dolphins off the coast of Kona, I would never have been able to keep up with them in regular SCUBA fins!

Mares Razor Pro Longfins Descending line by hand in Banderas Reef, Cancun, Mexico.

From that moment on I was sold on my Mares Razor Pro longfins, camouflage green colour and all. Freediving fins were a must for all dives, including SCUBA (although there are dives when I must reluctantly trade them in for shorter ones, such as during technical dives).

Mares Razor Pro Longfins Proving one can even SCUBA-dive with freediving fins in Machones, Cancun, Mexico.

Are the Mares Razor Pro longfins good for women? Yes, if women can find a size that fits. To date I’ve found them perfect for kicking in the water (although I do admit I have yet to try other models) and even find the roominess good for wearing thick fin socks that keep my feet warm in colder water.

So were the ugly fin socks necessary in the end? Absolutely. Without them, I the fins cause terrible blisters or slip off my feet altogether. Apart from that, no other complaints!