Exploring Malta

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We spend a lot of our time in Malta (specifically, the Island of Malta in the country of Malta) since first visiting in 2016. Maybe… half of the year. And it's become our favourite place in Europe—not only for diving, but for living as well. This being a diving log, we'll stick with the diving parts.

What can we say? Well, first, if you're SCUBA diving, there's no better place than to up your game to technical diving. A lot of Malta's dive sites sit at or below the limits for even advanced open water. Our favourite ship (the P29), for example, sits at about 38 metres. Apropos that—you'll absolutely want a dry suit (e.g., Santi E.Motion+). At depth, the temperature drops quickly. And since you'll be decompress diving (right?), you'll be spending quite some time in the water column. We recommend diving with Divewise.

And free diving? Since this occupies most of our time, we have a lot more to say. Not only is there a great free diving community in Malta, many wrecks can be reached by intermediate to advanced divers. And just from shore, too! It's cold, yes, so get yourself an open cell suit (e.g., Beuchat Espadon Equipe). Your core temperature will thank you.

We strongly recommend both the P29 and the Um El Faroud, both as free and SCUBA dives. Although there are, of course, non ship-wreck dives, the Mediterranean has very little life. So don't expect to see marine life beyond the usual common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) and common octopus (Octopus vulgaris).

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