Species index: Caesio xanthonota

Common name: yellowback fusilier

Caesio xanthonota

Magic Mountain, Raja Ampat
Free diving with manta rays in Raja Ampat.
Misool House Reef, Raja Ampat
First day introduction to Raja Ampat.
Koh Krahm
Last dive of the year.
Koh Krahm
Murky dive in the Gulf of Thailand.
Hithadhoo Point, Laamu Atoll
SCUBA diving around Hithadhoo Point.
Yin-Yang Reef, Laamu Atoll
Drift free-diving the yin-yang reef of Laamu Atoll.
Inside Reef, Laamu Atoll
Free-diving the inner reef of Laamu Atoll.
Shallow SCUBA dive near Koh Lipe.