Species index: Chelonia mydas

Common name: green sea turtle

Chelonia mydas

Seven Mile Beach
Lucky dive far out from Seven Mile Beach.
Eagle Ray Pass
Drop-off dive off Grand Cayman Island.
Misool House Reef, Raja Ampat
Turtle and shark free diving.
Magic Mountain, Raja Ampat
SCUBA diving with manta rays in Raja Ampat.
Misool House Reef, Raja Ampat
First day introduction to Raja Ampat.
Hithadhoo Point, Laamu Atoll
Another manta dive (this time free-diving) at Hithadhoo Point and surrounding reefs.
Hithadhoo Point, Laamu Atoll
SCUBA diving around Hithadhoo Point.
Yin-Yang Reef, Laamu Atoll
Drift free-diving the yin-yang reef of Laamu Atoll.
Dream hole, Okinawa
Our most beautiful dive to date: cliff, cave, and crevasse dive in Okinawa.
Five Caves, Maui
Re-visiting Turtle Town by the Five Graves in Maui.
Olowalu, Maui
Shallow shore dive out into Olowalu turtle reef.
Coral Gardens, Maui
Re-visiting our shore entry into Coral Gardens.
Five Caves, Maui
SCUBA shore dive at the Five Caves (Five Graves), Maui.