Species index: Sphyraena barracuda

Common name: great barracuda

Sphyraena barracuda

Seven Mile Beach
A long crawl and dive outward from the Grandiew House Reef.
Stingray City Deep
Shallow dive with southern stingrays.
Seven Mile Beach
Lucky dive far out from Seven Mile Beach.
Ray's Bedroom
Fabulous nurse shark sighting.
Ex USS Kittiwake
Incredible wreck free-dive over the Kittiwake.
Eagle Ray Pass
Drop-off dive off Grand Cayman Island.
Seven Mile Beach
First dive in the Cayman Islands.
Grampin, CancĂșn
Reef dive in a school of giant barracuda.
Inside Reef, Laamu Atoll
Free-diving the inner reef of Laamu Atoll.
Koh Adang
Boat and shore dive off an unnamed strip of Koh Adang beach.