Henderson Thermaxx

Henderson Thermaxx


With most of our initial dives in warmer waters, Huck and I had little experience with cold water diving until a stay in California. While not cold, the water temperature was uncomfortable in the conventional 4/3 suits we’d use for surfing. After quite some deliberation, we settled on buying a pair of Henderson Thermaxx 7 mm back-zip jumpsuits.

Henderson Thermaxx Crevasse diving in the Dream hole, Okinawa.

What made us settle on the Hendersons? Temperature and flexibility. We were told that the Thermaxx 7 mm were the warmest flexible suits out there. Given that diving is… less than fun when immobilised by neoprene (or anything, really), they seemed worthwhile criteria.

Alongside the Hendersons, we wear fin socks, gloves, and a hood.

Henderson Thermaxx All bundled up in Casino Point, Catalina.

Both of us question whether we should dive in “normal” wet suits at all, or switch entirely to open cell. The literature on the Internet is the usual mix-up of fact, fiction, and advertisement, so it’s hard to tell. All of my free diving is in a Beuchat Espadon Equipe—have you done any SCUBA diving in an open cell suit?