In our second day diving in Tofo with Diversity SCUBA, we joined a boatful of other divers for two dives. Like in the first day, we're only showing one of the dives (the second) in the chart above. Also like on the first day, the conditions persist as fairly cold with limited visibility. And today, the current picked up even more—lots of being swept around!

A warning to those diving in the area: if you're not comfortable being swept along, this might not be the place for you! We watched as several divers with questionable trim were battered along the bottom. And even worse, into some coral.

In learning from her SAC rate on the prior day, Huck opted for 15l tanks instead of the usual 12l, as well as a thicker wetsuit (her Beuchat Athena) for warmth at depth.

gear used

Beuchat Athena, BlueSeven Thermal Reaction

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