This was our first day in beautiful Tofo, Mozambique. We SCUBA and free dove with Diversity SCUBA, who treated us well during our stay.

Although today's pictures (and videos) below are from two different dives, we've put them together as one—most pictures came from the second. We had a very lucky start, with a wonderful whale shark (Rhincodon typus) swim during our surface interval and even a reef manta ray (Manta alfredi)! (We also spotted a second manta and an eagle ray, but didn't manage to get any pictures.)

Setting the tone for all dives in Tofo was the rather poor visibility, although today's dive was slightly better than what we'd experience in later days in the same location. Also setting the tone was the incredible variety of marine life, so given a choice between crystal clear without life and a bit murky with, we always go for the latter!

In the listed dive, Huck's air consumption was a bit higher than usual, and she ascended first—before the reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) came on scene. However, she was the only one who sighted the round ribbontail stingray (Taeniura meyeni), so it appears in a video, but not in the pictures.

Kristaps also had a chance to try the single wing on his usual back-plate and double wing (BP&W) used for twinset diving. He reports it much easier to maintain trim on a single tank than with a BCD—Huck, in seeing this (and usually using a BP&W when twinset diving) has resolved to move into using a BP&W when possible.

gear used

Cressi Free Women's, BlueSeven Thermal Reaction

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