The P29 was our second dive of the day, the first being the Rozi. I (Kristaps) was again joined by Lee of Divewise. Our usual Maltese sun was occluded by a light haze, so both of us worked extra hard to pay attention to our photograph exposures. And of course enjoy our time on the wreck!

My favourite part of the P29 is how it sits so largely on the white sands. It's an attractive wreck, though a mite less so for its outgrowth of seaweed and seagrass. If you're diving the P29, be sure to keep an eye out for moray eels where the ship meets the sand. And do spend some time penetrating the wreck itself!

During our deco stop, we spent time looking for marine life along the reef—and practising a bit of macro photography with mixed results.

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