St Julian's


As this was our second dive of the day on the same back-gas, this dive was a quick decompression run. It's alright, though—the Bristol Beaufighter is only a few metres long. I've never had a chance to focus on taking pictures on this dive site, so I was happy to do so on this dive. As usual in Malta, this dive was organised by Divewise.

Each time, I (Kristaps) miss the several moray eels purposed to live on the wreck. This time was no exception. I also didn't spot any nudibranchs this time around. Pity!

Since the wreck is only minutes away from Divewise, it's usually an easy way to get into the water at depth. Despite its small size, I still recommend it—the airplane itself is upside-down, but it's neat to get a sense of the size of the WWII fighters.

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