St Elmo's Bay


What better place in which to play with new toys than St Elmo's Bay? Lastly, we spent many hours free and SCUBA diving the HMS Maori—it was only minutes from our apartment. This year we live farther away, so re-visiting our old stomping grounds is always enjoyable.

On to the new toys! First, we have our new Fantasea QRS Bayonet Mount. This will soon find its way into the review for both the Sony RX100M4 and the AOI UWL-09. First impressions? We love it. Finally, it's easy to detach the lens, brush out bubbles, and reattach. (We also picked up a new arm for the SEASEA YS-01 and a new fibre-optic cable, as the previous one broke!)

Second, and perhaps more exciting? The Shearwater Perdix AI for Kristaps! This came from the Suunto D6i neither having trimix nor handling decompression steps pretty well. The neat thing about the Perdix AI is its air integration. With a twinset, this is great: reaching back to unclip and view the SPG often results in water seeping in through the wrist seals. Review coming soon!

The dive itself was… more or less average for St Elmo's Bay. Which is to say: murky. On a positive note, the AOI UWL-09 was closely attended by a Mediterranean moray eel (Muraena helena) that swam over to get a closer look. With great photographic results! The dive, as with most of our SCUBA dives in the area, was organised by Divewise.

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