Magic Mountain, Raja Ampat


After an incredible free dive on magic mountain—and given the difficulty of free diving in such high currents—we pulled on our SCUBA tanks to give the same place a go. With great results, if not quite to the level of the day before. (In reality, the pictures here are from two dives in the same place: one a free dive, another a SCUBA dive, both in the same place. Above, we chart the SCUBA portion.)

During the free dive portion, we were struck as yesterday by the strength of the current. It's especially strong over the mount itself, so if you're free diving, be sure to stay to the side or ahead of the mount for lighter currents.

During the SCUBA dive, we had the great fortune of encountering several reef manta ray (Manta alfredi), including one that just wouldn't leave Huck alone! This one was at depth, so after carefully checking our gauges and air allowances, we met the manta for some play time.

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