St Elmo's Bay


I (Kristaps) apologise for lying: I nicked some pictures from a prior dive that I stopped because of poor weather. So this isn't really all on the nineteenth: one or two images are from the fifteenth. I took advantage of a brief spell of sunshine and westerly wind to jump in and free-dive along the Maori. Notables? My first two-minute working breath-hold!

The Maori wreck is a great dive. The top-most parts are easily found at six or seven metres, with the bottom parts at around fifteen. Free diving, you can shimmy into the super-structure itself! (Don't do this. For the record.)

On calm days, enter the water here; if not possible due to waves, re-consider your dive site! The wreck itself is a brief swim from the entrance, but there's a slipway nearby if you're unsteady on the rocks. My friends at Divewise tell me not to park alongside the water — automobiles are regularly robbed.

The area surrounding the wreck makes for great free diving practise. There's a bit of sand to relax in — sitting in the sand is my preferred method to gain a little calmness. And the sandy bottom rises gently to some six metres, so one can make a slow, controlled ascent whilst examining little pockets between the stones.


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