Casino Point, Catalina


After gathering intel in the previous week, we decided to return to Casino Point with a companion last seen in Maui. Due to the temperature, we decided on bringing 7 mm. wetsuits and gloves. This made for a rather... constricted free dive, but better bundled up that not at all.

This dive differed in being the first to test our Suunto d6i dive watch, which helpfully has a free-diving mode. Kristaps, armed with dive times, immediately noted our short bottom times—enabled, we can only guess, by significantly colder water and extra work in propelling neoprene through the water.

On that note, both of us noticed a much greater squeeze (mask pressure) at depth. No problems equalising, but squeeze in the forehead. In last week's dive, where we felt the same, we attributed this to sinus headaches. But twice makes for further questions: does cooler water increase the effects of sinus pain?

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