Dream hole, Okinawa


Huck and I agree that this was our best dive to date in terms of geology and marine wildlife (nudibranches, green sea turtles, etc.). No question! As with our other Okinawa dive, however, I strongly suggest a thick wetsuit despite the surface temperature: the temperature drops markedly at the thermocline!

To reach this site, we chartered a dive boat with Jack Dive Center Okinawa, with our guides being Makoto Konno and Teruyuki Kawabe. In this dive, our guides joined us in taking pictures with his Olympus TG-3. Definitely on the short-list of the next dive camera!

We managed to take several videos while diving...

However, there are a lot of species that we weren't able to identify—please help us out! To identify the sea slugs, I used Jun Imamoto's umiushi site.

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