Five Caves, Maui


We spent our last day in Maui re-visiting the Five Caves, making our entrance from the Makena landing park beach and surface-crawling north along the shore. Joined by our beginner diving (and snorkeling) friend Meng! We had two separate dives there (actually on different days, but for the purposes of brevity, let's pretend it was one). In both dives, we were surrounded by green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). In the first, one of my cave dives was interrupted by a restless (but otherwise harmless) white-tip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus). (Do not listen to Huck—I was not chased out of the cave: I was merely making way and being a respectful observer of marine wildlife.)

Sadly, one turtle suffering from fibropapillomatosis was basking on the Makena landing park beach after our dive. If you happen to see this, do contact the Hawai'i Wildlife Fund.

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