Airport Beach, Maui


Airport beach is formally known as Kahekili Beach Park. This otherwise un-eventful dive featured a visit by an uncommon hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata). This grand old lady (we guessed its sex from the tail length) was foraging at the bottom by pulling up coral with its beak. Most interestingly, she had a radio transmitter attached to her shell, which may have been part of this programme. We promptly contacted the Maui Hawai'i State Division of Aquatic Resources, as suggested.

In general, airport beach was a rather uninteresting dive, although we were surprised by the wealth of marine life given the popularity of the nearby beach. As always in this visit to Maui, we were constantly serenaded by humpback whale song and saw them breaching in the distance while resting on the beach!

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