This dive marked the first for Huck in the open water as part of her PADI open water diver course (Kristaps had finished his before). We dove with Blue Brothers Diving, El Gouna. In looking over her log book (this article was created several years after the dive!), Huck notes that for the first few dives, she was very afraid: I was so afraid, I breathed like a sprinter the whole time! (It doesn't look it from the pictures, does it.) For first-time divers, Huck elegantly follows up:

The first time anyone goes from breathing on the surface to underwater there's a moment, a precise struggle, of cognitive dissonance. There's that implicit mistrust (an entire lifetime of holding your breath the moment you feel water touch your nostrils needs to be unlearned). You reassure yourself that breathing from the regulator on the surface worked, so why wouldn't it work underwater? You finally try it, and gasp. It really is air. You're not drowning. Dear god, you can breathe underwater. You can do anything.

Neither of us (years later) remember much in the way of wildlife. The pictures speak for themselves.

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